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These gorgeous Lady Bailey babes were born August 30th 2017. Lady is by Frankie and Greta (both currently retired), and is truly one of the best females I have. She is so kind and gentle, eager to please and listens/responds to any command. She is a fan favorite and aims to love everyone she meets. Lady stands 15.5 inches tall at her shoulders and weighs 30 pounds. These puppies are already exceptionally sweet like their parents, and gorgeous to boot! Please feel free to contact me any time if you'd like to know more. Jamie (559)359-1284 

Merle Female #1 "Elinor"


This little girl is a gorgeous unicorn! She has a beautiful red merle coat, lots of white and two blue eyes. She's the biggest pup so far, and very calm and sweet. I'm guessing her adult size to be around 30 pounds. 






Merle Female #2 "Marianne"


This gal is also a very unique beauty. She has an interesting dark merle coat, a half white face and two blue eyes. She's a very calm and affectionate pup. I'm excited to see this one as an adult, she's stunning! I'm guessing her adult size to be around 25 pounds. 






Black Tri Female #1 "Lucy"


This sweet girl is one of my favorites. She's so fun to cuddle, always happy and calm when you hold her, and she works the camera! She's a gorgeous black tri with a big white face and a blue marbled eye! I'm guessing her adult size to be around 25 pounds.





Merle Male #1 "Edward"

I love this handsome boy! He is so cool to look at and super chill! He has a beautiful long coat, a really unique red merle coat, a full white head with two merle ears and two blue eyes. I'm guessing his adult size to be around 30 pounds.  





Red Tri Male #1 "Brandon"


This pup is the smallest in the bunch. He has a rich red tri coat, half white face and stunning blue eye! He's an absolute dream boy. Very sweet, always hungry for attention and content and calm when you hold him. I'm guessing his adult size to be around 25 pounds.   





Family Photos!

Lady and Bailey

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