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Having aussies is a way of life.  I couldn’t imagine my world without them. I only keep a few dogs in my personal pack and the rest are placed in loving homes where they are the center of their people’s lives. I keep a small breeding program to ensure quality dogs and the most ideal environment to raise them in. I’m incredibly bias, but nothing compares to an aussie. My passion for the breed started when a stray standard aussie showed up on our farmland when I was a junior in high school. My favorite breed before I met Sarah were Border Collies, but nothing compares to the intellect, devoted loyalty and soft nature the aussie possesses. After Sarah passed away I purchased my first mini aussie Trudy, and my passion for the breed has grown since. I am still new to the world of breeding mini aussies, but I am very fortunate to have awesome mentors and people who took a chance and sold me their great breeding dogs. My life revolves around the daily interactions I have with my pack. My motivation to improve the quality of the breed continues to grow! Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I'm very happy to share my experiences. 

Photo's by Shelley Paulson and Amy Witt

One of our beautiful females, Fanny, is on the cover Petsmart's new puppy food!

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fanny can.jpg
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