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Frankie is one of the best looking toy australian shepherds you could ever hope for. He is my smallest stud dog, standing 13.5 inches tall at his shoulders and weighing 18 pounds. He comes from outstanding toy lines with exstensive health testing. His parents have been tested for OFA hips (normal), OFA patellas (normal), MDR1 (normal) and they are non carriers of Hereditary Cataracts. Frankie has been tested for hereditary cataracts and is a non carrier. Frankie lives with a dear friend in Visalia CA, with his little brother from another mother Cooper. Frankie is one of the best natured dogs I've ever known. He loves everyone he meets! He's very social and gentle towards anyone he encoutners, and he is very trustworhty around chickens and other small critters. I can not say enough good things about this handsome little dog. Truly a one of kind gem. 

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