Introducing the second litter by Pearl my Alta male Bowie, born August 7th 2020. I'm very excited with the structural quality these babies have. Not only are they beautifully put together, but they have rich color and gentle dispositions. Small, with tons of integrity! Pearl is 14 inches tall at her shoulders and weighs 20 pounds. Bowie is 15 inches tall at his shoulders and weighs 23 pounds. Pearl has one of the best personalities you could ask for. Pearl sleeps in bed with me at my feet, and never moves until I get up. She is a solid little ranch dog and is one of best trail riding buddies. Both parents have sweet gentle dispositions and are my personal house dogs. I was fortunate enough to purchase Bowie from Alta Aussies in Canada last year. He comes from long lines of champion health tested show dogs. This is a beautiful combination of Alta and Bold Legend lines! Follow us for daily updates on Instagram @changalaaussies. Please feel free to call any time. (559)359-1284

Blue Merle Girl #1

This precious girl is the only blue merle female. She is more quiet and reserved initially, but when she's settled into new things she's sweet and happy. She has a blue eye and a marbled eye. I'm guessing her adult size to be around 25 pounds. 


Red Merle Girl #1

This sweet, quiet red merle girl is a gorgeous example of a Mini Aussie. She's one of the smaller in the bunch. She has a beautiful merle patterned coat with rich color and two blue eyes. I'm guessing her adult size to be around 20 to 25 pounds.



Red Tri Girl #1

This lovely red tri girl is going to be solid and substantial in a small package. She has a beautiful head and rich color. I'm guessing her adult size will be around 25 pounds.



Black Tri Male #1

This gentle fluff has the longest coat in the bunch. He is quiet and reserved at first, and when he's adjusted to his new surroundings he's funny and outgoing.  I'm guessing his adult size will be around 25 pounds.



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Past litter by Pearl and Bowie

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