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Sugar and Frankie's final litter is here! Seven stunning babies born May 22nd 2016. Suagr is a super mama and has produced a colorful mix of toy and mini aussies. Sugar is the daughter of my red tri stud Kevin and Molly Belle pictured on the homepage. These dogs will have exceptional dispositions and make the best companion and family pets. This is Frankie and Sugar's final litter, so dogs of this caliber are short and few. Last years babies grew up to be gorgeous adults with awesome personalities. You couldn't ask for a better disposition on a dog. Relatives to these puppies currently work as service dogs. All of these babies will come up to date on their medical needs. Please call or email me any time for more info on this awesome litter.

Family photos!

Merle Female #1 "Tinker Bell"


This little lady is by far the smallest puppy in this litter. She is the total color package! Gorgeous blue merle pattern, two solid blue eyes, full white collar, four white feet, face blaze and copper! I'm guessing her adult size to be around or under 20 pounds. 







Black Tri Female #1 "Tiffany"


This little pup is the total package! She has a gorgeous full collar, four white feet, face blaze, and rich copper. She is a classic shepherd. Very sweet and gentle dispostion, but she has a playful and adventurous side! I am guessing her adult size to be around 22 pounds. 



Black Tri Female #2 "Molly"


This precious lady is a gorgeous black tri with four white feet face stripe and copper. She is exceptionally sweet, and loves giving kisses and being held. I'm geussing her adult size to be around 25 pounds. 



Black Tri Female #3 "Makenzie"


This sweet little girl is one of the smallest pups in the litter. She has a long fluffy coat, four white feet, copper and a face blaze. She is very playful and loving. One of the most afectionate pups in the litter.  I'm geussing her adult size to be around 20 pounds. 



Merle Male #1 "Boy George"


This little guy is a stunning blue merle with awesome copper, four white feet, a face blaze, and it looks like he has a small amount of marbling in his eyes. He has a gorgeous head and great build. He's very calm and gentle, but playful and outgoing. I'm guessing his adult size to be around 25 pounds. 



Red Tri Male #1 "Bubba"


Bubba is the coolest little guy. He's currently one of the smaller puppies with a distinct perosnality, and the only red tri in the litter! He has four white feet, awesome copper, face blaze and hazel eyes. I'm geussing his adult size to be around 25 pounds. 




Parent Photos




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